Site Rules

Basic site rules for Barn guests and Campers:

The person booking will be the group leader and be responsible for the group. No fires or ball games in the camping fields. No antisocial behaviour on or off our site. Noise to be kept to a minimum especially after 9.00pm. Do not climb, sit on or remove stones from the dry-stone walls. Barbeques till 9.00pm and must not damage the grass. Disposable or throw away BBQ’s are not to be used and are no longer on sale or to be used in the Hope Valley due to the risk of fires. No fires or fire pits. Rubbish to be placed in the big green bins provided in the centre main carpark. Drive with care in the camping field, avoid making skid marks. One-night stays, to remove tents, vacate rooms by 10.00am. Large tents (6, 8, 10 or 12-person, frame or pod) by agreement only with the site management only prior to pitching. Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times and not left un attended or foul the grounds. Guests are not permitted to have non-paying guests. We operate a LNT (leave no trace) policy. Pindale Farm is not a party venue. There will be zero tolerance of noncompliance of the above rules or you may be asked to leave!

Since starting this business in 1988 the behaviour of a small number of people has spoilt the enjoyment of others to the extent, we were forced to take action! In the beginning people came who were campers and took part in outdoor activities. Now an ever-increasing number buy a “festival kit” and think you can do anything inside a tent and not be heard outside! As for the people who are only interested in drinking alcohol and having all night parties, our campsite and accommodation is not for you!

Please remember tents and open spaces are not sound proof!

It’s better to lay out the rules first as to try and remind people when they have had too much to drink or want to fight causes embarrassment and can involve the police!